Enterprises LLC

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We endeavor to work with individuals, communities and local government, to expand knowledge and practice of sustainable resilient agriculture using various proven methods such as:

  • Integrated system approach of permaculture design.
  • Holistic Management.

We use the POLE method to achieve the desired outcome:

  • P     Plan – write your plans and ideas in brief concise statements
  • O     Organize – organize your self-education, approach, resources, timelines
  • L     Look – observation is the keypoint to a great launch and continued success
  • E     Execute – launch your venture

At Keypoint we believe one of the best ways to learn is on-site and hands on.

We will be offering educational courses on the folllowing topics and more:

  • Resilient Homesteading Concepts
  • Homesteading for a Living
  • Lifestyle Businesses